Twice the Sin Begins Again...

Seminars at the Hell City Killumbus, OH

Killumbus, Ohio April 11th - 13th






May 1st - 3rd, 2015

Seminars are a great way to expand your knowledge of various fields of body modification. You can sign up for any seminar you wish to take right at the convention! See the Admissions Counter upon arrival at Hell City for info on seminars and times, or simply show up at Hell City seminar room 30 minutes prior to the seminar starting time. You must pay general admission to be able to take any seminars, attendees will be checked for official HC wrist bands prior to taking seminar. Seminar payments will be accepted as money orders or cash $ only payable to the educator prior to taking the seminar! Take your educational seminars at this years Hell City Tattoo Fest! Learn from today's industry leaders & possess your mind with tattoo knowledge!









This all NEW Seminar will be all three days at Hell City featuring classes from Russ Abbott and Guy Aitchison teaching how to use your Wacom with computers & cintiqs to use along with guided instructions from both artists. STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO COMING SOON!




12 pm - 6:30 pm - Health Educators -“Bloodborne Pathogens” Seminar - See details below
^^ * This seminar is required for artists @ Hell City who are not already certified * ^^




2 pm - 4 pm Adam France "Flow and Glow" - See details below


5 pm - 6 pm * FREE SEMINAR * Good-Bye Dye "History and Science behind Tattoo Removal and Remodeling"  - See details below


9 pm - 11 pm Russ Abbott - "The Tattooist's Palette"  - See details below



3 pm - 6 pm
JAMES KERN  - "Tattooing The Impossible" - See details below

6 pm - 8 pm Guy Aitchison's - "Structure"  Seminar - See details below

8 pm - 10 pm Ian McKown "Dynamic Light and Shadow" - See details below





12 pm - 2 pm Workhorse Irons - "Coil Tattoo Machine Tuning and Maintenance with SOBAONE" Seminar - See details below

2 pm - 4 pm Ian McKown "Fundamentals Of Realistic Painting & Tattooing" - See details below

5pm - 7 pm -
Tony Urbanek "Tattoo Machine Fabrication, History and Maintenance" - - See details below











Bloodborne Pathogens Training &
Infection Control for the Modification Industry

** Required for all working tattoo artists who do not have their certification to work Hell City **

CLICK HERE for Pre-Registration

"Bloodborne Pathogens For Body Modification Practitioners" is by far the most comprehensive INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC bloodborne pathogens training course available for traditional tattoo artists and body piercers. This course is compliant with the federal Bloodborne Pathogens Standard (29 CFR 1910.1030). You will be provided with comprehensive updates on the very latest changes in OSHA health & safety regulations as they apply to the modification industry, with training in solid, industry-specific solutions for maintaining compliance within a professional studio environment.

The cost is $125 per person. Price includes all course materials, free product samples, and a certificate of training valid for one year. COURSE SPACE IS LIMITED - PRE-REGISTRATION IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO ENSURE AVAILABILITY!!

Pre-registered attendees are guaranteed course space & materials; all others are welcome on a first-come-first-serve basis, as availability allows. Lodging & meals are not included.

Course Includes:

OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, all instructional and reference materials, and a certificate of completion

Thursday - 12pm - 6:30pm
registration begins at 11:30

Cost: $125 / Course Length: 6.5 hours

CLICK HERE for Pre-Registration

Please contact by email:

email David Vidra

  for further detailed information about classes at Hell City

Phone for pre-registration: # 216-832-9405




Tattoo Artists Needing Immediate Certification:

Online CPR, First Aid & Bloodborne Pathogens Certification Training

Course Includes: Immediate Certificate and Immediate Wallet Card



Guy Aitchison's - "Structure" Seminar

With the tattoo art form spreading into every conceivable artistic style, it's important to take a step back every now and then and ask: What does this need to succeed as a tattoo? The question of longevity is the obvious issue, but the larger underlying importance of giving your work strength and clarity is not just about durability across time, but readability across the room. In Guy Aitchison's new seminar, Structure, he demonstrates ways of strengthening your work, both in design and execution. It starts with a well balanced composition, with good flow and fit and strategic use of dark and light, which is then applied to skin using a variety of different ways, some which are shown in closeup video clips. Structure reflects Guy's most recent understandings of making your work strong and dynamic... if you're attending the Hell City Tattoo Fest, be sure to take advantage of this opportunity! You can sign up at the Hyperspace Studios booth on the convention floor, or prepay at the Tattoo Education online store.

Saturday, April 12th
6 pm - 8 pm


For professionals only




"Tattooing The Impossible"

This seminar focuses on the techniques to create non-traditional tattoos. It is designed to help you think outside of the black outline and push the limits of what can be created in skin. James Kern has been tattooing for 18 years and is known for creating complex and sometimes psychedelic tattoo imagery.

Some of the topics that will be covered include:
  • Color and edge,
  • Rendering outer space,
  • reproducing complex imagery by artists (Alex Grey and others).
  • Dealing with complexity-  Creating, and transfering complex stencils and techiniques for tattooing complex imagery.

Please bring photos that you would like to discus or critique after the presentation.


Email James for more info - Click Here


3pm - 6pm





Soba One / Workhorse Irons

 "Coil Tattoo Machine Tuning and Maintenance with SOBAONE of Workhorse Irons"

BJ SOBA Johnson will discuss and demonstrate how to make the most out of your coil machines.
From basic assembly, cutting custom springs and geometry compensation to fine tuning tips and tricks.
This informative seminar will help you work smarter, not harder.  


12pm - 2pm

Cost = $150

Click here for more info




Adam France
"Flow and Glow"

Adam France 
"Flow and Glow 2.0"- Bio-Mechanical Basics and Principles

In this workshop, Bio-mechanical tattooer and painter Adam France (of RedTree Tattoo Gallery, Columbus,Ohio) takes you on an extensive journey into the "mechanics" of bio-mechanical, robotic, and organic based tattooing and art creation. This is a detailed seminar intended for any level of artist looking for an introduction into the reasoning and applications involved with correct bio-mechanical creations. 
If you have ever desired to understand the  process of creating flowing, glowing bio-mechanical art and/or tattoos, this should be a great learning experience for you. 

Topics Discussed:

-How to consistently create visually appealing bio-mechanical tattoos and art
-Getting Weird- Conceptualizing the plan and evaluating each client's input
-Turning them Inside Out-
 Study and use of each human's specific anatomy and muscle structure to exemplify a better fitting, and more natural looking organic flow
-How to simplify large projects and render full legs,arms, and torso designs, 
-Includes a very HANDS ON bio-mechanical fusion lesson with group involvement and live models 
-Using applications of mathematics and science/physics when designing 
-How to create and effectively utilize light sources in tattooing
-Design and placement of geometric objects (glowing and non-glowing)
-Cast lighting, backlighting and reflected light source explanation
-Collecting and Combining texture references to apply to your tattooing 
Materials provided: 
Live models
Light and dark sharpie markers 

This workshop is two hours in length and will be $150  per person to attend. 

To sign on and confirm your participation please email Adam France - Click Here!

www.adamchristopherart .com

Friday 2pm - 4pm
$150 per person






Russ Abbott

Eternal Ink [CLASSIFIED] + The Tattooist's Palette presented by Russ Abbott


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Russ Abbott has taught his popular seminar "The Tattooist's Palette" at the Hell City Tattoo Fest and around the United States for the past 3 years. The seminar is designed to give artists a more complete understanding of color theory and how it relates to the tattoo medium. Throughout the long development of this popular seminar, Abbott has used Eternal Ink for all of his personal tattoo work. He has been working exclusively with Eternal Ink for several years, applying his methodical and analytical talents to understanding how this popular tattoo pigment behaves in the skin.

More recently, in an attempt to push the boundaries of his own understanding of tattoo color, Abbott began scientifically measuring the precise color of every pigment in the Eternal Ink line. The result of this laborious and technically challenging project is the world's most complete Abbott Color Wheel. This color wheel is by no means simple. Eternal Ink has a huge line of colors! Measuring, organizing, and classifying them all was no easy task. We are going to be honest, this subject is tough for a lot of artists. But, if you're willing to undertake the effort, the results that you can achieve in your work by increasing your knowledge of color theory and tattoo inks may surprise you!

Every seminar attendee will receive a copy of the "Abbott Color Wheel" which shows the color name, hue relationships, saturation, and value of each and every Eternal Ink color. In addition, Russ Abbott will teach "The Tattooist's Palette" which covers basic and intermediate color theory as well as an incredibly useful section on tattoo composition.

Seminar Includes:

  • Explanation of terminology with that relates textbook theory to practical uses in tattooing.
  • Overview of the benefits and pitfalls of various skin tones.
  • Detailed breakdown of all of the traditional color schemes and numerous examples in skin.
  • Incorporating composition principals passed down from the great illustrators.
  • Russ Abbott highlights the use of these color and composition ideas in a survey of his own tattoo work.


9 pm - 11 pm

Includes Abbott Color Wheel

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 Ian McKown
Dynamic Light and Shadow"


Light and Shadow: Fundamentals of a Value Based approach to tattoos and art.
In this seminar we will learn the importance of Value as it pertains to tattooing and  fine arts.   Students will learn not only how to identify and maintain value strictures in their pieces,  but the reasons why this foundational principle can be applied to all styles of tattooing and in most cases, art.  We will discuss ways to practice value based approaches off the skin so the artist will be stronger when working on the skin.  Students will learn what makes for a truly dynamic composition and ways they can insure the most bang for their buck in their art. 100$ (presale or at the door) 150$ bundled with my book, Light and shadow.

Presales are open at


8 pm - 10 pm





 Ian McKown
Fundamentals Of Realistic Painting & Tattooing"


Fundamentals of Realistic Painting and Tattooing
In this seminar we will discuss the fundamental, basic precepts to realistic/representational realistic tattoos and art.  We will cover a wide array of tools the artist can employ to make their pieces stronger and more believable.  Much like any other style of art, realism follows a few foundational  rules that when used intelligently and with awareness,  can make for grerater believable volume in any piece, and hopefully capture that elusive, truly realistic quality. 100$ (presale or at the door) 150$ bundled with my book, Light and shadow.

Presales are open at


2 pm - 4 pm






Good-Bye Dye

What was I INKING?"
The History & Science of LASER Tattoo Removal and Remodeling


What was I INKING?"
The History & Science of LASER Tattoo Removal and Remodeling

This seminar is an Informal and informative discussion regarding the history of Tattoo removal and remodeling since the 17th century.  Examples of early tattoo removal techniques and the cultures they originated from leading through modern times to the development of the laser in the mid 20th Century and how it has revolutionized the Tattoo Removal and Remodeling process. This basic science discussion will detail the concepts behind LASER Tattoo removal including the different types of LASERS and the basics of WHY and HOW the LASERS work to remove tattoo ink from the dermal layers of the skin.  Potential risks and complications of LASER tattoo removal will also be discussed. 

Good-Bye Dye utilizes state of the art technology, to provide safe, affordable and effective laser tattoo removal and remodeling to the public. Where appropriate, to provide a close working relationship with your tattoo artist in assisting with tattoo remodeling and tattoo cover ups. If you are reading this, you are aware that the tattoo artist is now currently an accepted aspect of American culture, even here in the Midwest. Now that tattoos are widely main-stream, there is no one stereotype of a client with a tattoo. Motivations for tattoo removal are not always what the average lay person expects. Name removal, although not uncommon, has given way to a demand for improved tattoo artwork as a motivation for removal. Thus, many patients seek removal simply because the quality of their existing tattoo artwork has not kept pace with the growth in the industry with more talented artists joining the scene compared with past years. We here at Goodbyedye are committed to working directly with your tattoo artist in achieving your desired tattoo goal/outcome.

More info TBA

  5pm - 6 pm







"Tattoo Machine Fabrication, History and Maintenance

This is a seminar on the history of the tattoo machine and a fabrication seminar teaching from the basics of tattoo machine theories and how they work, to tricks tips and tuning techniques. A 12 year machine building veteran, Tony Urbanek goes in depth with this seminar, providing hands on assembly, theory, and tuning tricks of his craft. Everything you always wanted to know about coil tattoo machines, and their functions will be covered. The seminar will also be accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation, hands on demonstrations, and will follow up with a question and answer session. Spend 3 in-depth hours building the machine of your choice (liner/shader), talking about tricks, tips, history, and theories of machine fabrication, tuning, and assembly. Spring cutting, coil winding, frame casting and fabrication variations discussed and/or demonstrated. All tools, frames, and parts courtesy of Tony Urbanek, and Kingpin tattoo supply.

 Space is limited to 10 people
Pre-Registration is recommended

Contact Tony Urbanek for pre registration, payments, or info:
(412) 683-4320


5pm - 7 pm

Cost: $300