Twice the Sin Begins Again...

Attending Artists & Vendors 2015

Killumbus, Ohio May 1st-3rd, 2015

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The Hell City Tattoo Festival hosts over 200 of the worlds best tattoo artists, all under one roof! The Hell City Tattoo Festival is a tattoo convention put on by tattoo artists, featuring world class artists, collectors and enthusiasts from around the world! Hell City brings you not only some of the world's best tattoo masters, but also showcases many of today's young, up and coming tattoo artists! Having gained international recognition for it’s pool of amazing talented artists, mind blowing competitions and creative events, it's no wonder that it's been deemed as "America's Favorite Tattoo Convention". Award winning tattoo artists that attend and participate in the Hell City Tattoo Festivals are the best at what they do. Whether they specialize in portraits, biomechanical, traditional, black and grey or any other styles, they simply do awesome, artistic tattoos! You will only find the best of the best at The Hell City Tattoo Festival. Hell City artists and studios are carefully hand selected, ensuring attendees the best tattoo possible! Be sure to check out all of the Hell City Attending Artists, visit their sites and set your appointments today! Be sure to hashtag your photos #hellcity #hellcitytattoofest

Hell City encourages all tattoo artists and vendors to work with disposable tubes and supplies.


May 1st - 3rd, 2015


August 28th - 30th, 2015


Hyatt Regency Downtown - Columbus, OH

Located in the greater downtown Arts District
350 North High St., Columbus, OH 43215 / #614-463-1234





Official Hell City Sponsors - Killumbus, Ohio

Sailor Jerry Rum
Old School Spiced Rum
NeoTat Machines
NeoTat Rotary Machines
Kingpin Tattoo Supply
Official Supplier of Hell City
Tattoo Cloud
The TattooCloud

Stencil Stuff
Stencil Stuff





NeoTat Machines

Ryan Hadley / NeoTat Machines
Revolution Tattoo / Indiana
Monte Agee / NeoTat Machines
Montee Tattoo / Indiana
Josh Duffy / NeoTat Machines
Timeline Gallery / California
Frank Lanatra / NeoTat Machines
Into The Woods / Florida

Mario Sanchez / NeoTat Machines
StarCrest Tattoo / Texas
Ram Lee
Ram Lee Tattoo / Ohio
Matt Stines
No Regrets Tattoo / Iliinois



H2Ocean Pro Team Artists / Best Ink - Oxygen Network & Tattoo Nightmares on Spike TV

Roman Abrego - Best Ink / Oxygen Network
Roman Tattoos / California
Stefano Alcantara
Alcantara Tattoo
Big Gus - Tattoo Nightmares
Art Junkies Tattoo / California
Rember Orellana
Rember Tattoo / Texas
Marshal Bennett
Eternal Tattoo / Michigan

Bob Tyrrell
Night Gallery / California
H2Ocean ProTeam Artists
All Natural Tattoo Aftercare




HyperSpace Studios

Guy Aitchison
Michele Wortman




Live Once Ink / The Dark Booth

Jeremiah Barba

Robert Hernandez


True Tubes & True Grips / Myke Chambers

Eco-Friendly Memory Foam
Disposable Grip Covers

Myke Chambers
Art Machine Productions
Dane Snyder
Golden Axe Tattoo




Kingpin Tattoo Supply

Kingpin Tattoo Supply
Official Supplier of Hell City



Waterloo Industries - SPIKE TV'S - Ink Master & Ink Master 2  & TATTOO RESCUE

Clint Cummings
- Ink Master / Spike TV
Sparrows Tattoo Studio / Texas
Steve Teft
12 Tattoos / Connecticut
Joey Tattoo - Tattoo Rescue
Bella Arte Tattoo / New Jersey
Halo Jankowski
Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery




Eternal Ink

Rember Orellana
Rember Tattoo / Texas




Dan & Tim Plumley


Art Junkies Tattoo

Mike Demasi
Art Junkies / California

Ink & Dagger Tattoo Parlour

Russ Abbott
Theresa Sharpe
Studio 13 / Indiana
Javier Rivera
Ink & Dagger Tattoo



Nick Baxter & Adrian Dominic

Nick Baxter
Nick Baxter / Texas
Adrian Dominic
Adrian Dominic / California



Resurrection Tattoo




RedTree Tattoo Gallery

Durb Morrison
RedTree Tattoo / Ohio
Adam France
RedTree Tattoo / Ohio
Takashi Runin
Runin Tattoo / Japan


Off The Map Tattoo

Megan Jean Morris
Off The Map Tattoo / Mass

Matt Driscoll
Off The Map Tattoo / Mass




Flower Of Life / Evolution Studio

Brian Geckle
Flower of Life
Austin Grove
Evolution Studio



Ty McEwen / Phil Robertson Tattoos

Phil Robertson
Reserve Tattoo / Ohio



Travis Broyles & DJ Minor

DJ Minor
DJ MInor Tattoo



Renaissance Studios

Jason Vogt




Jonathan Penchoff
Cody Eich
Cody Eich Tattoo



Eikon Device Tattoo Supply

Eikon Device
Eikon Device / Canada




Carl Grace Tattoo






Mystic Owl Tattoo

Vince Villalvazo
Jace Masula


Mindzai Creative  Apparel

Scott Weatherwax
Mindzai Creative / Georgia



Big Brain Omaha

Lenny Renken
Big Brain / Nebraska

Dominic Holmes
Big Brain / Nebraska



Super Friends Tattoo




Infinite Art Tattoo

Brian Monk Taylor
Brian Norwalk

Black 13 / Ink Master - SPIKE TV

Josh Woods / Ink Master / Spike TV
Black 13 / Tennessee
Ryan Thomas
Black 13 / Tennessee
Steve Martin
Black 13 / Tennessee
Amanda Leadman
Black 13 / Tennessee



Stained Skin

Anthony Dubois
Stained Skin / Ohio
Toby Gehrlich
Stained Skin / Ohio
Ben Riffe
Stained Skin / Ohio

Kristel Oreto
Kristel Oreto / Florida





Workhorse Irons



Bare Knuckle Irons

Shane Copeland
Daddyo's / Illinois




Alissa Brunelli Photo Prints

Brunelli Photography Prints


Eric Guidry & Levi Hilton




A Pound Of Flesh

Shaun Miller
A Pound Of Flesh

Oak Adams
Painted Temple Tattoo
A Pound Of Flesh
A Pound Of Flesh





Eternal Tattoos

Caryl Cunningham
Eternal Tattoo / Michigan


John Dame & Samuel Flores

Samuel Flores
Rockstar Tattoo / Wisconsin



Artistic Encounter

Billyjack Gunter
Artistic Encounter / Texas

Joaquin Hernandez
Artistic Encounter / Texas

Stephanie Vixen
Artistic Encounter / Texas



Ron 570 / Alchemy Tattoo




The Bohemian Tattoo Club

Matthew Davidson
Bohemian Tattoo Club / Indiana




Deep Six Labs

Tom Taylor
Deep Six Labs / Pennsylvania



No Hope No Fear - Best Ink - Oxygen Network

James Kern
Joshua Hibbard

Inkmaster Season 3 & 5




Into The Woods

Christa Zurich
Into The Woods / Florida


Ascension Tattoo

Bobby Hawley
Ascension Tattoo / Florida

Memento Tattoo Gallery



Art by Melis

Melis Fusco
Art By Melis / Colorado
Jonathan Montalvo
Montalvo Tattoo / Texas



Requiem Tattoo

Dee Dee Seruga
Requiem Tattoo / Florida
Steve Lamantia
Requiem Tattoo / Florida




Rebel Muse Tattoo

David Mushaney





Good-bye Dye Laser Tattoo Removal




Evolve Body Jewelry





LT Woods & Nathan Evans





Sacred Tattoo NYC

Matt Buck



Jenn Small & Silje Hagland

Dusty Neil



Hardnox Clothing

HardNox Clothing
HardNox Clothing



Arte De Gustavo

Gustavo Rimada
Arte De Gustavo / Mexico


Phantom 8

Chris Jtot

Brian Adams


Industrial Primitives




Steadfast Brand Clothing

Chris Collins
Steadfast Brand / Florida



What Th' Rock - Rock n' Roll Boutique

What Th' Rock Boutique

What the Rock / Ohio



RudeChix Clothing

Sherry Mattson


Old Familiar Barbers





Voluta Digital

Tattoo Release Forms
Digital Tattoo Forms




Inked Magazine

Inked Mag / Freshly Inked

Jon Mesa - Best Ink



 TattooCloud & Think Your INK

Pete Kirk

Kris Richter
Think Your INK




Association Of Body Art Professionals



Zombie Caricatures

Zombie Caricatures
Zombie Caricatures

Heck City Kids Zone

Heck City Kids Zone




Hell City Clothing



Hell City Film



Pint Size Paintings

Pint Size Paintings Book
Mini Paintings from Big Artists



Suicide Girls





Jeff Solin - Festival Emcee
Russell Dornhecker / Shawn Craig





True Tattoo Grips

Eco-Friendly Memory Foam
Disposable Grip Covers




True Tubes Steel Tip Disposable Tubes


Official Sponsors

Sailor Jerry Rum
Old School Spiced Rum
NeoTat Machines
NeoTat Rotary Machines
Kingpin Tattoo Supply
Official Supplier of Hell City






Hell City encourages all attending tattoo artists & vendors to work with disposable tubes and supplies.


Artist TBA
Artist TBA