Killumbus, Ohio May 1st-3rd, 2015

The Hell City Tattoo Festival hosts over 200 of the worlds best, award winning, tattoo artists! Hell City brings you the best tattoo artists, ensuring attendees the best tattoos possible while having great times! Hell City brings you not only some of the world's best tattoo masters, but also showcases many of today's young, up and coming artists! The Hell City Tattoo Festival is a tattoo convention put on by tattoo artists, featuring world class tattoo artists and collectors from around the world, as well as having unique entertainment all weekend long! It is much more than your typical tattoo convention though! If you have ever been to Hell City before, you have seen the massive crowds of artists, collectors and enthusiasts waiting to step into Hell City to experience tattooing on a whole new level, all while have an unforgettable experience. Once inside the gates, Hell City will amaze your eyes, ears and skin, you'll will want to stay the entire weekend!

Preview the artists below and click the website links under each artist name to see more of their tattoos and to schedule tattoo appointments with them at Hell City!

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NeoTat Machines

Rotary Tattoo Machines
Big Gus / NeoTat Machines
Ryan Hadley / NeoTat Machines
Monte Agee / NeoTat Machines
Josh Duffy / NeoTat Machines
Frank Lanatra / NeoTat Machines
Christa Zurich / Lanatra / NeoTat Machines
Jason Stephan / NeoTat Machines

H2Ocean Pro Team Artists

Artists from Best Ink, Oxygen Network & Tattoo Nightmares on Spike TV
Roman Abrego - Best Ink / Oxygen Network

Rember Orellana
Marshal Bennett
Stefano Alcantara

True Tubes & True Grips

Featuring Myke Chambers
Eco-Friendly Memory Foam
Myke Chambers

Kingpin Tattoo Supply

Official Supplier of Hell City
Kingpin Tattoo Supplies

Eternal Ink

Eternal Ink

Ink & Dagger Tattoo

Russ Abbott
Eddie Stacey
Erick Holguin
Savannah Colleen
Clinton Lee
Brandon David
Trips Kaha'i

DJ Tambe

Best Ink - Oxygen Network

Inspired Tattoo

Best Ink / Oxygen Network / Inkmaster Seasons 3, 5, Rivals
Joshua Hibbard

RedTree Tattoo Gallery

Columbus, OH
Durb Morrison
Adam France
Takashi Runin

Off the Map Tattoo

Kristina Bennett
Aubrey Mennella

Imperious Rex Tattoo

Brandon Bracamonte

Stained Skin

The Mighty Stained Skin - Columbus, OH
Anthony Dubois
Nathan Marti

Brittan London Reese / Sacred Tattoo NYC

Featuring Artists from Best Ink & Oxygen Network
Brittan London Reese
Jon Messa / Best Ink

Empire State Tattoo

Speakeasy Tattoo

Daddyo's Tattoo

Joshua Bowers

No Hope No Fear

Portland, OR
Josh "Bacon" Erickson

Jason Vogt & Josh Ruff

InkPhiller Studios

Phil Garcia
Andres Acosta

EarthGrasper Tattoo

Jonathan Perchoff

Black Squirrel Tattoo

Melanie Judkins


Requiem Tattoo

Dee Dee Seruga
Steve Lamantia

Jesse Levitt & Markus Blanchard

Jesse Levitt
Markus Blanchard

Ty McEwen / Phil Robertson Tattoos

Phil Robertson

NiteOwl Tattoo

Platinum Rose

Midnight Moon


Lalo Yunda
Melody Mitchell

Tattoo City Skin Art Studio

Voluta Tattoo

Tattoo Release Forms
Michele Adams

Flower Of Life Studio

Brian Geckle
Corey Divine

Nick Baxter & Adrian Dominic

Nick Baxter
Adrian Dominic

Eric Guidry & Levi Hilton

Full Circle Tattoo

Eric James

Big Brain Omaha

Lenny Renken
Dominic Holmes

Eternal Tattoos

Caryl Cunningham
Susannah Griggs

Matt Stebly / Azha Sanders

Reserve Tattoo

Art Machine Productions

Tanane Whitfeild

Evolve Body Jewelry

Industrial Primitives


Digital Solutions for Tattoo Artists, Studios & Conventions
Pete Kirk
Webmaster / Innovator
CeeJay "Inky" Jones / Inkmaster Season 2

Hell City Clothing

Hats, Hoodies, Tees and more!

Hell City Film

Pint Size Paintings

Pint Size Paintings Book

Solin Systems

Jeff Solin - Festival Emcee

Russell Dornhecker Films

Producers of the Hell City Documentary
Russell Dornhecker / Shawn Craig

True Tattoo Grips

Eco-Friendly Memory Foam Grip Covers

True Tubes

Steel Tip Disposable Tubes

Infinite Art Tattoo

Infinite Art / Ohio
Brian Monk Taylor
Brian Norwalk

Carl Grace Designs

Las Vegas, Nevada
Carl Grace
Luke Palan

Plumley Brothers

Bourbonnais, Illinois
Tim Plumley
Dan Plumley

Phantom 8

Denver, Colorado
Chris J'Tot
Brian Adams

Big Meas & Kyle Coterman

Dayton, Ohio
Big Meas
Kyle Cotterman

Heck City Kids Areas

Fun for the Lil' Devils too!
Heck City Kids Areas

Scotty Munster & Shaun Miller

Scotty Munster

Studio 13 Tattoo

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Nathan Evans
Studio 13 Tattoo
Teague Mullen

High Street Tattoo

Columbus, Ohio
Brandon Blevins
Haley Zontitni

The Gold Dust Gallery


Mindzai Creative Apparel

Apparel, Prints, Stickers and more...

San Marcos Tattoo Emporium


PowerLine Tattoo

Rhode Island
Shane Baker

Wentz Welding & Electric Cheetah Tattoo

Wentz Welding
Wentz Welding

Eclectic Art Tattoo

Mike Riina
Geary Morrill
Sean Peters
Leila Damato

Eikon Device Inc.

Electrasyn - Brought to you by Eikon
Eikon Device Inc.
Electrasyn - Brought to you by Eikon

Dan Henk & Ron Russo

New York


Rudechix Clothing

Rudechix Clothing
RudeChix Clothing

Bohemian Tattoo Club

Bradley Pearce

Splash of Color Tattoo


Ascend Gallery

New York
Josh Payne
Taylor Heald
Sean Price

Logan Square Tattoo

Gifford Kasen

Sketchy Lawyer

Jason Lawyer
Andy Chambers
Cornerstone Tattoo

Color Conspiracy Tattoo Gallery

Puerto Rico
Joey Rodriguez
Miguel Del Cuadro
Krystel Ivannie

Zao Tattoo

Muriel Zao

Zombie Caricatures

Nick Mitchell
Sean Gardner

GoodBye Dye Laser Removal


Workhorse Irons

Workhorse Irons

Blick Art Materials

Columbus, Ohio

Steadfast Brand

Chris Collins

Mike Cole & Carson Hill

Mike Cole
Carson Hill
Carson Hill Tattoo

Art De Gustavo

Gustavo Rimada
Art De Gustavo

Tattoo Art Shop

Jack Jiang

Old Man Withers Jewelry

Lindsey Withers
Old Man Withers Jewelry

Inked Magazine

Inked Mag & Megan Jean Morris
Inked Magazine
Megan Jean Morris

Tattoo & Piercing Release Forms Apps


Old Familiar Barbershop

Columbus, Ohio

Stinky Monkey Brand

Tony Ciavarro

Waterloo Industries

Sarah Miller
Johnny Pagnam


Ink Addict

Jeremiah Barba

Jeremiah Barba
Jeremiah Barba
Oak Adams

Welker Irons


James Vaughn & Josh Payne

Ink Master - Spike TV
James Vaughn
Straight A Tattoo
Josh Payne

Downtown Tattoo Bar Booth


Spirit Transfer Paper & Cream


Stencil Stuff

Mario Rosenau
Ryan Mullins

ABAP and Body Art Solutions

ABAP - Association Of Body Art Professionals



Don't forget there's 2 HellCity Fest's in 2015!